Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Please Read and Respond!

Dear Ella's Daughters and friends,

I'm enlisting your support to reach out to Martina Correia, a sister in the struggle, who is fighting to save her brother's life. Troy Davis, who is likely an innocent man on Georgia's death row, is scheduled to be executed in less than six days on September 23. Despite her own personal battle with breast cancer, Martina has been fighting tirelessly, fiercely and relentlessly for justice.

I received this message from Martina the other day:

"I want everyone to know that we are still fighting for Troy, you have not heard from me in two days because I have been trying to answer so many calls and get rest in between. I went to see Troy yesterday and he is in good spirits, prayerful and saying we can never give up they can take my physical form but nothing else. But this is not the time to think he will be executed we have to fight them and we have to fight hard."

I'm asking you to e-mail me statements of support -- they can be brief, a few words of encouragement, a quick note -- that I will collect and send to Martina along with a beautiful bouquet of flowers from Ella's Daughters as an expression of our love and solidarity (another great idea by our very own Barbara Ransby to send sisters in the struggle flowers from Ella's Daughters -- this could be a new tradition!)

Please send me your statements of support by Friday. I know this is a quick turn around, but unfortunately, we don't have much time. And please, please see the links below to learn more about the case and what you can do to try to stop this execution. One easy thing is to text the parole board from your cell phone. Go to send message, type the name TROY, then send to 90999.

in struggle,
Alice Kim

Georgians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty website -- for updates and actions you can take

Troy Davis to Die Next Week: Will Georgia Execute an Innocent Man?

Martina Correia on Democracy Now! (on 9/12/08)

Activist in Action: Martina Correia

Interview with Martina Correia: The Fight for My Brother Troy

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