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Daughter of Slaves Won't Be Recognized as Oldest Woman.

Rebecca Lanier celebrated her 119th birthday this week. Born to parents who were former slaves, she believes she's the oldest person in the world, and her family has documentation to back up the claim, in the form of a letter from the Social Security Administration.

But the U.K.'s Daily Mail reports that because she was born in the 1890s, when it was commonplace for African-American babies not to be issued birth certificates, she doesn't have the documentation Guinness World Records requires to be honored for her record-setting life. So they refuse to acknowledge her.

Lanier has witnessed more than 20 presidents and lived through two world wars. She's outlived her husband and daughters. And after all this, she's still suffering residual effects of the racial inequality that existed more than a century ago, when she was born.

"It's quite a rigorous process that you go through because the birth certificate is a crucial matter," a Guinness World Records spokesman told MailOnline, explaining why Lanier's age won't be recognized.

Dear Guinness:


The fuck is your problem? Seriously.


She is one hundred and nineteen and LIVING LIKE IT AINT NO THANG! Like, oh I'm half as old as this asshole country, but I'll just be needing my walker, thanks. Oh and quit talking down to me like I don't know more things than you know numbers!

I mean… WHAT?!

Ms. Lanier, you win. You win every damn thing.

I hope to GOD her family has documented her oral history!!!!


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