Monday, February 6, 2012

Sins Invalid Fudraiser!

 Sins Invalid incubates and celebrates artists with disabilities, centralizing artists of color and queer and gender-variant artists as communities who have been historically marginalized.  For the last five years, our performance work has explored themes of sexuality, embodiment, and the disabled body to sold-out audiences. Sins Invalid is based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Here is the new wonderful news!  For the last two years we have been also working on a documentary on Sins Invalid, and we're proud to say that in conjunction with the Aepoch Fund we've almost finished making a 41-minute film that reflects
our groundbreaking performance work and weaves interviews of artists and co/founders alongside unreleased performance footage to serve as an entryway into the absurdly taboo topic of sexuality and disability.


This is where our community comes in!


We're in the final stages of production.  We are committed to completing the film – so committed in fact that we are donating personal resources to move it forward.  You know how artists stretch a dollar to make $100 worth of creativity happen.  We're stretching but your partnership will premiere this film!


We are raising $15,000 through the online platform Kickstarter.  It will help us reach out to new communities – but there's a catch.  Kickstarter is an all or nothing platform – so we will receive the funds only if we raise the entire amount.


Your contribution will help lead us through the end stages of film production – sound editing and creating music, correcting the color, adjusting the titles, beginning the distribution launch.


Please share in the truth that beauty always recognizes itself.  Be a part of completing a groundbreaking film on disability and sexuality. Visit us at

Our hearts are always with you and we hope you can help bring a piece of our hearts to the screen.


Much Love,

Leroy F Moore Jr.

Community Director of Sins Invalid

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