Monday, March 5, 2012

Shawty Got Skillz at AMC 2012 email me Monday 3/12!!

It's time for the 4th annual Shawty Got Skillz (#SGSZ)  Session at the Allied Media Conference!!!!

We aim to pull together a skillshare at the AMC for radical trans women, trans*, non-binary, fluid, and genderqueer folks and cis women of color that reminds us that we have the skills we need to thrive!

We need your help! Click here to make Shawty Got Skillz happen this Year!

Ask yourself how your skills, whether they be analog or digital, could be used by folks to:

* sustain their community and themselves!
* create spaces for connection, laughter, and fun in movement work!
* end gendered violence against people of color!
* prepare fellow shawties for future we create now!

On the day of the Skillshare, participants move from station to station learning skills, meeting people and figuring out how the skills connect to the work they are already doing in their communities. We also hope to make a zine of the skills shared and more! We'll document the process as well as creating mechanisms to sustain what's shared after the conference!

We need help with all of that so, if you are down with the get down, send an email to us by Midnight March 12 at with your name and skill in the subject line. Call Us at (909) SHA-WTY1 (742-9891)! Climb aboard the starship connection! Join the "we" and help make this manifest!!!!

Love always,

The Shawties
@shawtygtskillz on Twitter

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