Thursday, May 10, 2012

Brilliance Remastered Presents...The Summer of Sustainable Brilliance!

Hey there Bright Thunder!
      You already know!  THIS is the summer to get your mind and your spirit aligned in a transformative process of community accountable brilliance.  You are making major decisions this summer, preparing for incredible shifts, actually doing things you've been dreaming about for years.  This is a summer that the historians will talk about when they are explaining how you were able to be part of such miracles in your lifetime.  Act like you know!
       Brilliance Remastered is happy to support you in this process and is now accepting a limited number of new applicants for one-on-one coaching for the Summer!  Check out our one-on-one coaching options below or at and set up a phone consultation to make a match!

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P.S.  Also save the dates August 15-22 for Brilliance Remastered's first intensive gathering Guardian Dead: Ancestrally Accountable Intellectual Practice in Durham, North Carolina.  Details to come!

One on One

Coaching for Community Accountable Scholars!
I believe that working with a select set of visionary underrepresented graduate students and scholars will have a game changing impact on the way knowledge circulates and intellectual work transforms community in our lifetime.   Through my one-on-one coaching and feedback modules I provide:
  • crucial training in purpose, community building and sustainability for community accountable scholars
  • accountability coaching and feedback to get important dissertations into the world, and more importantly crucial visionary scholars successfully OUT of graduate school and into the world!
See if the coaching modules below are aligned with where you are in your process!
*I will only be doing inspiring one-on-one work with a very select number of aligned visionaries.  Any one-on-one engagement requires half hour assessment call (cost $20) through which I determine whether or not I will partner with a client one-on-one.
Semester that Changed Your Life Coaching Modules:

1. “Doing What I Came to Do”: Activating Your Purpose
“I am who I am doing what I came to do.”-Audre Lorde
This is the first and most crucial coaching module in the Brilliance Remastered curriculum.  In this coaching process also known as the “purpose-keeper,” I will facilitate and support you in remembering/crafting and supporting an intentional, generative, empowering and energizing greater purpose for your degree work.   This process will give you a touchstone for every step of your degree work giving you consistent access to the superpower of PURPOSE which will provide energy and perspective when the going gets tough.  More info here.
2. Community is Not a Luxury: Necessary Praxis for Degree Survival
“Look how you print yourself on my heart.” -Audre Lorde
This intermediate stage of the coaching curriculum trains you to implement and build a community of accountability outside of the limits of your university setting.  Community accountability is what distinguishes meaningful intellectual labor from elitist word games.  This coaching module is for scholars who are committed to making a difference in the lives of the communities that inspire them and also activates community as a superpower to sustain your wholeness and to support and celebrate you in your degree process.  More info here.
3. “My Words Will Be There”:  Eternal Strategies for Sustainable Community Accountable Scholarship
This advanced stage of the coaching curriculum is exclusively for graduates of the Doing What I Came to Do and Community is Not a Luxury coaching curricula or scholars who have defended their dissertations or already have PhD’s and are at a transition point in their careers.  This coaching process will provide you with the tools to build a sustainable ecology for your own scholarship that does not depend on the economy of the university.  This is a crucial tool-set for scholars who want their work to live in community organizing, to be interdependent with educational institutions, or to create their own educational/activist institutions.  More info here.
PhDoula:  Push Out that Dissertation with my Love and Support

A doula is a person who assists and supports someone while they are giving birth so that they can have their ideal birth experience and focus on creating a beautiful relationship with that which they have brought to life!  Wouldn’t it be great to have someone on your team accountable SPECIFICALLY TO YOU (not caught up in the desires of the department etc) to have your back as you push out this piece of original knowledge and move on into the world that your ideas will make possible!?  That’s me!
Here are the elements of the PhDoula program:
*The Belly Blessing: Specialized Dissertation/Thesis Feedback
If your dissertation or thesis research is related to Black women, motherhood, Caribbean women’s literature, diaspora, activist publishing, print culture, activism, queer theory or any related topic, I would love to read your dissertation proposal, a chapter of the dissertation or (in some cases) the whole dissertation to give specialized feedback. More info here.
*Dissertation Doula- Push it Out! (Accountability Coaching)
It’s that time!  Get your dissertation out of your brain and into the world where it belongs with one on one coaching calls, staying on task check-ins and a plan for your FINISHED dissertation to impact your community and your career! More info here.

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