Monday, February 11, 2013

First QBG Google+ Hangout Feb 24th!!!!

"For those of us who love in doorways coming and going...."
-Audre Lorde  "A Litany for Survival"

Calling all QBGs!  We love you and we want to see your faces!  Join us for the first of a once a month casual virtual QBG gatherings via Google+Hangout.  This is a space to affirm each other and remind ourselves how awesome a force we are on the planet.   There is no agenda...just open space to be together and be ourselves, and support each other, specifically for self-identified QBGs (aka Quirky Black Girls and Quirky Black Genderqueers). 

Join us at 8pm-9pm EST on Sunday Feb 24th for our first session.  Email alexispauline at gmail dot com or almah.alchemy at gmail dot com on Google+ to get linked in or email us during the chat if you wanna join!

   Almah and Lex

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