Friday, September 20, 2013

Sister is a Verb: Clarifications from the Sistorians

Toni Cade and books
This week during the third session of the first ever Brilliance Remastered Sistorian Webinar we talked about the hard work of sistering, how it causes us to grow, how sometimes it takes us apart and puts us back together.  We read Audre Lorde's essay "Eye to Eye: Black Women Hatred and Anger" and talked about how institutional oppression and trauma continually challenge our ability to believe that we are "enough" to love each other and ourselves.   We find ourselves repeatedly challenged by the work of sistering, but Toni Cade Bambara says "sister is a verb" and it is what we do.  After a collectively challenging week that has tested our health, our relationships, our spirits and our resolve we put together this clarification about sistering that displaces "sister" as a simple name and deepens our understanding of sistering as an intentional practice.
Sister is a Verb
After Toni Cade Bambara
By the Sistorian Webinar Participants

sistering is NOT for the faint of heart

sistering is painful
sistering makes me want to run and hide.
sistering is a constant hide and seek where searching is a necessity
sistering is not-who-i-thought-i-was vulnerability
sistering can be exhausting
sistering brings up all my anxiety
sistering is wake up in the middle of the night work
sistering is giving what i think i don't have towards a future i'm still learning to deserve
sistering is having no clue and being willing to learn and listen
sistering is owning that sometimes all you can do is sit with and listen
sistering is not being afraid to reach out again and again for what you need
sistering is an opportunity to be reborn

sistering is about being together and also about spending time with yourself.
sistering takes practice, but it doesn't get easier
sistering demands selflessness... sometimes when I most want to be wrapped in myself!!!!
loving yourself...through the hard you can be kind on the next
sistering is nurturing and love and hugs and taking time out to be with another
sistering is about listening and remembering.
sistering means believing that there is some way to say/show what i mean and be heard
(even if it doesnt work the first time)
sistering is about TRYING.

sistering is slow sometimes
sistering is overwhelming fast sometimes
sistering is slumber parties and indulging the girl inside you
sistering is just typing "girrrrrrrrrrrrl..." sometimes... and she already knows what you mean

sistering saves lives

sistering is a technology we are supposed to forget
sistering is deep love
sistering is about showing up.
sistering is about showing out sometimes too
sistering is conscious
sistering affirms
sistering is about telling Black women they are beautiful
(there are enough compliments and adoration to go around)
sistering is salvation earned and gifted
sistering is transformative generosity
sistering is knowing you are infinite and if you share yourself...there is nothing to lose
sistering means you have to do the work of loving yourself and believing in your greatness

sistering is what we do
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