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[video: fade into footage of Israeli Ambassador to the US Michael Oren speaking at a podium.  camera then swings around to a view of some members of the audience (the Irvine 11) standing up and protesting his speech — the footage then cuts breifly between several of the protesters.  voiceover is edited together from two different broadcasts.  first voice: "11 Southern California college students have been charged with conspiring to disrupt a speech by Israeli Ambassador to the US Michael Oren."  second voice: "an Orange County District Attorney has brought charges against 11 Muslim students, known as the Irvine 11."  a graphic of two of the Irvine 11 standing up in protest appears onscreen, along with the text "STAND WITH THE ELEVEN".  fade into footage cutting between several people, each reciting part of a speech, with certain parts of the speech repeated by different people for emphasis: "11 students [cut] exercised their right [cut] exercised their right [cut] and spoke truth to power [cut] truth to power.  [cut] for using the power of their voice [cut] power of their voice [cut] to address an Israeli government representative [cut] to express outrage [cut] at the crimes the Israeli [cut] government committed in Gaza [cut].  they are now facing criminal charges [cut] facing criminal charges [cut] for demonstrating [cut] demonstrating in a way [cut] American protesters do all the time [cut] with no consequences.  [text transcript appears onscreen next to footage of people as they speak]  to help the 11, you can [cut] visit [cut] for action items and information [cut], contact Orange County District Attorney [cut] Tony Rackauckas [cut] at [cut] 714-834-[cut]3600, [cut] start the discussion on Facebook [cut], Twitter, on the radio, on your campus [cut], in churches, synagogues, and mosques.  [cut] if you don't speak up for the 11 [cut] if you don't speak up for the 11 [cut], if you don't speak on their behalf, [cut] who will speak for you?"  video cuts to footage of a room full of people sitting in chairs and raising their fists in the air.  they say in unison: "US supports the Irvine 11!"  the shot becomes framed inside the large, centered number "11" in the otherwise-solid white text "IRVINE11COM" (with a red dot above the second "I") on a black background.]

i THINK they were saying "US supports the Irvine 11" at the end there — i kinda had trouble making out the first part.

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