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In one of the most jaw dropping moments at an Awards show since Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift's VMA Acceptance speech, actress Rosario Dawson grabbed Paul Rudd's package on stage during the 2011 Film Independent Spirit Awards. She later told Access Hollywood that she grabbed his nuts because she's a woman's rights activist and she was tired of him grabbing on Eva Mendes boobs. 

"I love Paul, I've been a huge fan of Paul since way back in the "Clueless" moments. He kept [feeling] on her breasts and I was like okay, it was funny for a second then it kept going, going and going …. I was sitting there with my fork like, if he doesn't stop, I'm going to stab him with my fork….So I went up there and stabbed him with my fork and he didn't stop. Alright, I'm gonna grab his package, why not?

It was kind of nice. It wasn't bad, it actually was a pretty good package. I kind of been curious  since I was a teenager watching "Clueless." My manager came up to me and asked was it scripted, "No, I'm just a women's [rights] activist and I was getting a little tired. I was like, I'm really sorry Paul I don't mean to be offensive but you're kind of being offensive so I'm going to stop you. He was grabbing her boob on stage for a half-an hour. I was kind of getting over it.

Why do men always get to cop a feel? Women get to cop a feel too, it's keeping equal opportunity."


Rosario, I just forgave you for playing a Persian princess in Alexander. I never thought I would. Never in a million years. I will never forgive Sally Field though (or Alfred Molina). You better watch your Boniva pills Sally because I will not forgive.

jesus h christ as if i needed ANOTHER reason to fall more in love with her.


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Anonymous said...

I'm happy that she did something, but that equal opportunity line was sad. Somehow it's cool that men have been violating and using women's bodies for entertainment purposes (specifically brown women) if now a woman can grab a guy's package? She probably said that because they had a camera in her face, (and I saw the footage she was totally avoiding the camera) because the rest of the story was along the, he doesn't get why this is rude, until I show him what it feels like. Still the fact that we do mostly excuse oppression if its equal opportunity pisses me off, because it isn't ending the problem.