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Spliff Online: The 100% Official Blog: Somalis And Other Blacks Are Being Ta...


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Spliff Online: The 100% Official Blog: Somalis And Other Blacks Are Being Targeted by Libyan Protesters:


As the situation in Libya continues to get more and more turbulent, Somalis are starting to find themselves in a situation of extreme angst and lack of security.

After Gaddafi decided to hire mercenaries from other African nations in order to attack the protesters, the Libyan population has become exceedingly weary of Blacks living within their country. Many Somali immigrants have been kidnapped, tortured, and murdered by protesters who accuse them of working for the Gaddafi regime.

"We are under attack by local people who are saying that we are mercenaries killing people. Let me say that they did not want to see black people. There is racism. We need help," cried one refugee to UNHCR staff in Libya.

"Please, please, please, where is the humanity? Where is the United Nations? I am crying. I need help. Our home was burnt down. Ten Somalis were killed in Libya in the last seven days. Why is nobody concerned about the Somali migrants in Libya? We are victims of racism and ruthless exploitation."

It seems as if the international community is doing absolutely nothing to help these poor people, who are being persecuted for no reason other than the colour of their skin.

One of my own relatives who's living in Libya recently sent us an email talking about the horrible treatment they're getting from the protesters. Luckily, he was able to send his children out of the country and into safety's arms, but he's still stranded inside and I can't even say whether or not he's still alive..

I understand that the Libyan people deserve their freedom, but so do the minorities living inside of Libya. The media needs to stop ignoring this and bring it into the public's eye!


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