Friday, March 18, 2011

Support the @blackgirlproj ect!

I hope this message meets you in good spirits! As you may know, I recently made my first film, The Black Girl Project. The film has screened successfully at universities and organizations but there is a need for more materials in order to support my mission, which is to tell our stories. The film's educational outreach has sprouted a wonderful non-profit organization dedicated to supporting young women and girls. You can check it out at

As an emerging filmmaker, I made the film on a budget of faith and not much else and have been delighted at the its reception. Here's where you come in: In order to fulfill my mission, I've started a Kickstarter page ( .

In order to meet our funding goal of $8000 by the end of March we need your support!! There's a great reward at every pledge level and I am asking you to contribute (even $1 will do!) and spread the message to friends and family to help us reach our goal. By making a pledge to The Black Girl Project, you'll be helping us tell more of our stories. Go to Kickstarter (, to learn more.

Please pass along, every pledge counts! Many thanks for reading.

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