Sunday, March 6, 2011

"That’s why black men, like my boyfriend, date us white women. They like REA...


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"That's why black men, like my boyfriend, date us white women. They like REAL hair, real nails, and none of that attitude. Black girls are way too ghetto and too much work."

- At work during lunch break, different ethnicities all around including black people, white girl of 18 years old was saying this. I was confused and offended.


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Danielle said...

That's so stupid. The most important man in America is married and completely in love with a black woman.
That girl was just trying to start something. Everyone has their reasons for interracial dating (I've done it before) but anybody who speaks about a huge group of people in monolithic terms is discriminatory. Black men who ONLY date outside their race are as discriminatory as that white girl who claims ALL black women are ghetto, hard to deal with, or have weaves... obviously that's not true because I and a lot of the black women I know don't fit any of those stereotypes.
I wouldn't worry about it. Sure the girl is right in that there are black men who dislike all black women but they're the minority. The intelligent and ambitious black women are know about where they come from and their heritage, seek out black women. I wouldn't want a weak guy who believes the stereotypes society has given him anyway, so the white girl fanatic black men don't bother me.