Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Introducing Our Ringmaster for Sex, Wine & Chocolate: A Carnival for the Senses . . . Miss Lawrence

SPARK Reproductive Justice Now
The Fourth Sex Wine & Chocolate

A Carnival For the Senses

SPARK Reproductive Justice NOW
is pleased to announce our alluring Ringmaster for The Fourth Sex Wine & Chocolate: A Carnival for the Senses . . .


The Amazingly Fierce


Miss Lawrence

Miss Lawrence


We have all enjoyed this show stopper on the hit reality television series The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Get ready to be entranced, fully engaged, and have your senses teased with the marvelous Miss Lawrence at this year's Sex Wine & Chocolate. This guarantees to be a Carnival you won't forget!


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Making Our Movements As Sexy As We Are

The Political Imperative of Sex Wine & Chocolate

SPARK Reproductive Justice NOW! Has been on the frontlines of shifting the way we think about, talk about, and do gender and sexuality both in our lives and in our movements. SPARK has been home to and steward of the imagination and vision of a younger generation of radical reproductive justice activists and organizers of color, who work to push against and expand the boundaries of reproductive justice, so that there is room for all of our lived experiences, not just in theory, but also in practice. We believe that the core principles of our movement are both beautifully simple and thoroughly complex, just like those of us who do the work. We come from a limitless range of experiences, backgrounds, genders, sexualities, and abilities. We are mothers, sex workers, straight folks, queer and trans folks, men, women, and everything in between and beyond.

As such, SPARK also believes strongly in building a culture of organizing and movement wherein we can all be, and there is room for, our whole selves. We are building a world that appreciates our multiple facets and holds our contradictions without judgment. For us, this is liberation. We bring this politic to our work with mothers in prison in our Speak Justice Take Action program. We bring it to our work with LGBTQ youth of color in our FYRE program. And we bring it to you every year with our annual fundraiser, Sex Wine & Chocolate.


Sex Wine & Chocolate (SWC) is an exploration of the boundaries of sex and sexuality. Through SWC, SPARK works to challenge mainstream conversations around the role of sex and sexuality in liberation. It provides space to hold and address contradictions: it is a sex-positive space, and a space in which safety and self-determination are central; it challenges objectification, while appreciating those who perform sexuality. SWC is a space in which all genders, sexualities, and bodies are embraced and uplifted. We are all encouraged to love and embrace ourselves and each other, not as singular characteristics, but as whole people. Sex Wine & Chocolate offers us an opportunity to make our movements just as sexy as we are.

About Sex Wine & Chocolate

Sex Wine & Chocolate is a community event/fundraiser intended to delight the senses, excite the mind, and build & strengthen a community working towards reproductive justice for all. With an eccentric program filled with amazing performances, delicious food, outstanding awardees, and a flirty dance party, this body and sex positive space guarantees to be a night to remember. From amazing aerialists to marvelous burlesque performers, each year we up the ante to bring you a truly remarkable and memorable celebration with all proceeds benefitting SPARK Reproductive Justice NOW's innovative work building and sustaining a powerful reproductive justice movement in Georgia and throughout the South.

To help pull the magic of Sex Wine & Chocolate together, visit to find out how you can become a volunteer!

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