Monday, September 19, 2011

Watch the Throne (in 3D)


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Watch the Throne (in 3D):

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I vaguely recall the pre-psychotic Mel Gibson (or was it the Kenneth Branaugh?) film version of the play while in high school inducing the greatest nap I ever took in school. Hardly moving. Yet the pimply pubescent me cried real tears when Mufasa–a.k.a. King Hamlet–was killed by his brother, Scar, known as Claudius in the Shakespeare version, as I sat next to my much more age appropriate younger sister in an Indiana movie theater. My emotional attachment to Disney's greatest film has lingered for more than a decade. And so, I burst into several paroxysms of joy when I saw the advertisement for The Lion King 3D, which returned to theaters on September 16–for two weeks only, of course. I imagine after this brief theatrical run Rafiki 'n'em will be returned to the Disney vault until next century, in typical Disney fashion.


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