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More on BUTCH Voices’ adoption of Masculine of...


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More on BUTCH Voices' adoption of Masculine of Center

"I've read a few places, in response to this BUTCH Voices/Butch Nation stuff, that the word "masculine of center" reinforces the binary, and that gender is more complex than a linear spectrum, etc etc.

Funny, I never think of "masculine of center" as implying a linear, 2D scale, with masculine on one side and feminine on the other. All sorts of shapes have centers, and I tend to think of the gender map as a 3D circle, a galaxy even (though that is much harder to map), or perhaps a shorthand of a 2D circle if I'm trying to simplify it a little more."

- Sinclair Sexsmith - Sugarbutch Chronicles




My best attempts at a gender spectrum. It's a colour wheel.

Because it's already established, I have put F, standing for Feminine gender, as red, and M, standing for Masculine gender, as blue. Going nicely with the pansexual flag colours, I have put O for Other gender (though part of me feels I should have put Third gender) as yellow.

Each gender/colour fades down to centre, where I have put A for Agender. I don't really know/haven't come across any people who are pangender, or completely grasped the concept, so I just put it on the opposite place to agender; the outside of the wheel.

With this wheel, you can say "I am somewhere between masculine and other, but it's not a really gendered gender" and it makes sense, because you point at light green (which looks like turquoise, but this was the best wheel I found). You can say "If I'm anything, I'm feminine" and it makes sense, because you point at light pink.

And bigender? Sometimes *here* and sometimes *here*. Genderqueer is anything that isn't red or blue, I think. XD

Perhaps someone could take this diagram and run with it, because everything I've seen so far tries to fit sex AND gender on the same chart, or is too 2D. This is the best I can do, and I think it could do with some improving.

A point of interest; I think I'm some sort of orange on this.

Um, I'm pretty much in love with this idea.

I feel like I'm yellow, or maybe that gorgeous apple-green


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