Thursday, September 17, 2009

F*ck Taylor Swift

yeah I said it, admittedly in the somewhat safety of my apartment and through my computer. But my friend and hater supreme says go hard or go home (note: I am writing this from home but this is like a metaphor or something) so I figured I'd say something inflammatory. I digress...

So Ye was rude. And?

Are we surprised? doesn't he do this all the time? and at the VMA's in particular?

Many of the black folk I know hadn't even heard of Taylor "I just sing country music" Swift before this. If your music makes you popular enough to win and is played in the regular rotation doesn't that make it...

Anyhoo, Taylor has millions of dollars; Ye has millions of dollars. Who cares that she didn't get to deliver her speech at the VMA's?! Its not like she was being heckled while trying to give an important address to the nation, or something. Squabbles between millionaires do not amount to human rights violations. Well, at least not in this instance.

And can I just go there and say she didn't deserve to win? Her video has been done before both as a video and in film. Why the props? But I guess since homely tweens run the world (or at least the VMA world) the outcast getting the jock is a more appealing treatment than a bob fosse meets j-setting choreo hybrid that supports an anthom for single ladies (notice both have something borrowed but B's the one with something new).

And here we are discussing tweet spikes and off the record comments instead of health care. Folks are comparing the President to Hitler and saying he's gonna bring about white slavery and he can't even call a spade a racist! He's not even able to acknowledge the virulent racism in this country and folks are more upset about Swift's treatment at the VMA's than they are about their own health. We'd rather hear him chastise another black man about taking a mic out of little white girl's hand. He gave it back!

And if people say "classy" one more time I'm gonna scream. If you use the word "classy" or "class" chances are you have none. But at the risk of invalidating my own claim, let me give a short list of things that are not classy:

1. Acting en(whi)titled when Beyonce's is gracious enough to call you out on stage so you can give your whack ass speech (which you got through most of) again. So unnecessary I guess B scored some good public relations points with that but I don't appreciate her joining the ranks of Ving Rhames and black women who step aside for the sake of a white girl's feelings.
2. Not letting Swift finish after being interrupted and cutting to commercial (that was your bad MTV, not Ye)
3. Talking about this bullsh*t on CNN when you should be talking about real events that are happening to people who don't go to award shows.

This was not animal cruelty; this was not the worst thing that ever happened. If it was planned, Kanye you really took one for the team for telling the truth.

All this over some white girl not being able to finish her speech for a damn moon man statue? Rhianna gets beat the f*ck up and there's a wave of fan support for Chris Brown. A black woman is physically attacked and no one f*cking helps her?! Taylor's whiteness to Ye's blackness is the reason we are even having this discussion. Disrespect of and actual violence towards black women doesn't warrant the same public outcry. I'm sorry Taylor but I really don't care. It's like she's the cheerleader in her own video. Wait a second...

And apparently white men's disrespect of white women doesn't warrant comment either if he's from across the pond. Host Russel Brand's cruel joke about putting his hat on Lady Gaga's "hermaphrodite" genitals wasn't just in poor taste; it was despicable and yet no public flagellation for him. Who says hermaphrodite in 2009?! He talked about raping having sex with half the women at the VMA's. He definitely proved his own point, that a British accent absolves all sins, not that I didn't love his jab at the Jonas Brothers and the US health care system. Blatant sexism, innuendo and dehumanization in the name of comedy illicit no reaction but taking a mic out of the hand of a little white girl, that's a problem.

Shouts to @fecundmellow, @superfree, and @misslocs on twitter for helping me think through this.


the YOUNG LIONESS said...

love this

stephanie said...

i said i didn't give a fuck from jump and people looked at me funny. well i still don't give a fuck and with everything you just said, i just feel all the more justified (: