Wednesday, September 16, 2009

QBG <3 QBG: The Revolutionary Act of the Moment

Hey QBGs!
Amazing black gay ancestor Joseph Beam said "black men loving black men is the revolutionary act of the eighties." We who are taught not to love each other change everything when we do it anyway!

Here is Lex telling that to the young black women at Bennett College about loving each other last week:
(full text here:

And this Friday in Atlanta at the Habit Forming Love Reception:
you can see videos that Lex made in honor of QBG's Moya and Julia, plus some videos for her mom and about Atlanta-based community organizations.

(Which is a lead up to the Queer Renaissance Film Screening and just announced after party this Saturday!

In the spirit of black panther party leader Fred Hampton's chant: I AM a Revolutionary! And the fact that black panther party leader Angela Davis is on her way to Durham right now... (NC QBG's come to the reception at 121 Hunt St. tonight at 7 if you can!)...and the Combahee River Collective's assertion that:

“We might use our position at the bottom, however, to make a clear leap into revolutionary action.”

let's talk about why we are revolutionary. WHAT MAKES YOU REVOLUTIONARY? Discuss here!:

And as always have a very revolutionary week!
love always,

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