Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What We Got: Falling in Love with Ourselves For Real

Today I want to give gratitude for the process of loving ourselves the way we are (not as who we wish we were).Some might say that quirky black girls know how to work with what we got, make realness fly, create everyday from bright scraps of faith.

The Combahee River Collective had something to say about faith in the face of dispossession:

“We are dispossessed psychologically and on every other level, and yet we feel the necessity to struggle to change the condition of all Black women.”- Combahee River Collective Statement 1977

Let's talk about it. What makes us feel that urge to keep going? What allows us to do it? Discuss it here at the forum:

And speaking of WORKING with what we got..Beautiful Too are the Soles of my People! Once again Moya and Lex bring you the sneaker photo essay. Y'all if just the sneakers are this fly can we really get the abundance of fabulousness and vibrant brilliance that we are walking around with. I LOVE MY PEOPLE!
Check out the photos and comment here: http://quirkyblackgirls.ning.com/photo/album/show?id=2189298%3AAlbum%3A25496

And since what we've got is each other check out the back to beautiful update from Lex's love project...BrokenBeautiful Press: http://brokenbeautiful.wordpress.com/2009/09/08/back-to-beautiful-the-fall-update-and-summer-recap/

AND do what it takes to be at the party of the season...the Queer Renaissance BASH on September 19th in ATL!!! Details here: http://web.me.com/wallace.young/bday/Home.html

Keep rockin it. Keep keep rockin it...with your bright shiny soul.

all love,

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