Monday, July 19, 2010

The Diversity of Water: Quirky Black Life Sources

from Lucille Clifton's "the earth is a living thing"

is a black and living thing
is a favorite child
of the universe
feel her rolling her hand
in its kinky hair
feel her brushing it clean

From where I am sitting I can see the place where the Atlantic Ocean drinks the Caribbean Sea, and a superfluous swimming pool, and sky dumps of rain. How much more extra then do I seem. 3/4ths water and stuck inside? Today, thinking of us and our diversity of black, I am thinking about the diversity of water. What is the function of salt water, that substance of ocean, tears, sweat and grandma's gargling glass.

Salt water is not that drink of life that causes plants to grow and pores to rehydrate, salt water is astringent, drying, it stings and focuses it is a cleansing agent for the planet and the embodied. That mixture that birthed life on this world. Almost covering the planet, almost filling our skin. Who would ever have thought it would be our half-blind, snot-laded revelations that would re-purify the planet in this remaking of creation?

I cried this morning. Maybe because last night I had a classic West Indian experience with how homophobia and straight privilege insult the truth of all our love. Maybe because Facebook hates me and won't upload my videos. Maybe because despite all this rain and water in sight (or maybe because of the thunder storms and the precarity of power on a generator scarce island) the pipes aren't working so we don't actually have any usable water in the shower, or the sink. Hmm.

There must be a spiritual lesson about how we could better organize our human relationships to the abundance and specificity of water. We flush drinkable water down the toilet, and burst oil into the ocean. What a thirsty future we are building.

Today I think there is something to learn about water from my own experience of crying on a rainy day in a house with empty pipes next to a pool and the ocean.

When was the last time you cried? At the moment did you feel like you were cleaning yourself out? Releasing toxins? Purifying the planet? Opening your pores? How many times has it taken sobs for us to have access to the depth of breath we need for the day we are inviting?

I love you, you favorite child of the universe. You black and living you. Where is your water? Join the discussion here:

We have all types of water in the Quirky Black Universe...the purifying type and the cool drink of yes we are growing type.

For example:

Speaking of the source of life, the brilliant blood and mucous-ready internet readable radical OUTLAW MIDWIVES ZINE is here thanks to the hard work and vision of QBG Mai'a and collaborators. Read it here:

And speaking of blood, sweat, tears and misunderstanding.. QBG Laura has created a much needed supportive group here on QBG for QBG's in grad school. Nuff said:

And speaking of wading in the water and taking it all home help us make a memorable ritual at the 3rd Annual (omg!) Queerky Black Girls Cook-Out, help plan and support the Lost Bois (we love the Lost is a video to remind you how much you love them: in coming from DC to ATL to perform. If you want to help plan email us at: quirkyblackgirls[at]gmail[dot]com

Saltwater breezes also helped give birth to the the long-gestating two new Eternal Summer of the Black Feminist Mind Educational Programs.

If you live in or near Durham, NC...participate in the first unit of the Juneteenth Freedom Academy...based on the badass brilliance of the poet, teacher, QBG exmplar June Jordan!!! Details here: /

And if you or someone you love can get to Durham, NC on Saturday August 21st come (or send someone) to participate in the Lucille Clifton ShapeShifter Poetry Intensive, especially for parents and survivors of gendered violence, and all people committed to creating a world free from child sexual abuse. Sign up here:

And lastly...I leave you with yesterday's Lucille Clifton Rebirth Broadcast...about the power of your dreams.
Infinite love,

A Dream of Foxes: Lucille Clifton Rebirth Broadcast 4 from Alexis Gumbs on Vimeo.

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