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10 Crunk Things for Spring: Watch, Read, Listen, Support


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We are more convinced than ever that the fiercest and most progressive communities for women of color have migrated online. We have collectively compiled a top 10 list of folks who's music, webshows, web communities, magazines and causes you should know about and support. We think they will inspire your spirit, make you laugh, and make you bob your head.

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1. The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl – This web show is hilarious, diverse, and quirky; it shows another multi-layered dimension of Black female experience. For that and for the beautifully comic mind of its creator Issa Rae, we are grateful.

2. Clutch Magazine — With its weekly serving of diverse features, news, fashion, and celeb gossip, Clutch is like the feminist Essence. The writing is good, the topics are interesting and provocative, and the vibe is fresh.

3. Mambu Badu Magazine — This digital photography mag grew out of a twitter conversation between three 20-something sisters; the first issue on "Memory" is visually stunning and showcases the diversity of Black art.

4.Fresh, Bold, & So Def: Women in Hip Hop Changing the Game — this book and its tumblr site point the way toward the vibrant community of women in Hip Hop. On the tumblr site, you can order the book and see a new profile each day of a woman changing the game in Hip Hop culture. And big ups to CF Rachel Raimist, one of the project's editors.

5. Allied Media Conference/Shawty Got Skillz Workshop — In order to make cyberspace the inviting place it is for women of color, folks gotta have skillz. And one place to get those skills is the awesome Allied Media Conference that happens in Detroit each June. Please support the skillsharers of 3rd annual Incite! Shawty Got SkillzWorkshop–"a group of cis women, genderqueer and trans* people of color making media that directly mingles our personal lives with the political issues we care about. We believe, as Audre Lorde did, that 'it is better to speak, knowing we were never meant to survive.'" Big ups to CF Moya, one of the organizers and skillzsharers.

6. Imani Uzuri/The Gypsy Diaries–If you want to hear good music, from a sister warrior feminist poet artist who can "sang!",  check out Imani Uzuri. She has worked with a who's who in contemporary music, some of which you can see and listen to, on her KickStarter site for her upcoming project The Gypsy Diaries. While you're there, show Imani some love by becoming a backer of her KickStarter campaign.

7. The Lost Bois — If you wanna hear good, progressive Hip Hop music, check out these rising stars that are bringing the heat and showing us that queer Hip Hop is where it's at…Find out more on their kickstarter site, and while you're there consider becoming a backer for their first full length album.

8. VoiceMaleMagazine – this pro-feminist online men's magazines features a range of conversations about how men are attempting to redefine masculinity in progressive, productive and diverse ways.

9. Homegirl.TV– Founder Sofia Quintero, an early friend and feminist big sister of the CFC, bills this webseries and online social network as the online slumber party. The premier episode"Should I put my boyfriend on my cellphone plan?" was hilarious and insightful.

10. Ask Arielle Loren — Who says Black feminists aren't pro-sex? In service of the sex-positive revolution, we are checking heavily for the webcasts of Arielle Loren, who offers feminist advice on sex on her regular web show. She's also hard at work on a documentary called "Bideology," which chronicles the experiences of straight women who date bisexual men, which will be released during Pride Week, June 18-26, 2011.


And for more pro-sex feminism, we'll toss this one in for free.


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