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wait, how is this rape? i apoligize but it doesnt stand out to me like that.  the twin in the airport isnt aware his brother is pretending to be him. so she would have sex with the brother instead of her boyfriend. it would be consensual, but obviously a misunderstanding, and obviously a super douchy thing for him to do. but i dont call that rape. please correct me if im wrong. thats just my view. i watched it twice and saw no signs that he was going to use force on her, but maybe i missed it.

I don't care what YOU call it. I care what the law calls it and I care what the victim calls it.

If a person cannot or does not consent, it is rape. Doesn't matter whether it's a black eye they end up with or not. Too many people think a person has to be battered or beaten nearly to death to call it rape (some of those laws that have been coming on the books lately? yeah, those).

This commercial is depicting rape. The woman thinks she is with her boyfriend so she is consenting to be with him - however, the man is not her boyfriend and is pretending to be someone else to gain her consent. That is illegal and it's rape. She has not consented to be with him, she has consented to be her boyfriend.

No, it's not a "douchy thing to do," it's rape. Plain and simple. So let me run this down for you (and whoever else might see this post):

  • If your partner is under the legal age of consent in your state, it is rape. Doesn't matter if they "like" you or "like" it. Most states are between 15 and 17 for legal age. Under that is what's called "statutory rape."
  • Statutory rape is a crime. Statutory rape is rape. So, if a 25 year old person has sex with a 12 year old person, that is rape. Even if they "like" each other (please notice my quotation marks for emphasis on sarcasm), it is rape. It is illegal. It is a crime.
  • If your partner does not say yes (giving consent), it is rape.
  • If your partner is drunk, passed out, or unconscious, it is rape.
  • If your partner does not give consent to have sex with you and whoever else you might bring in (like asking to have a threesome and s/he says yes but 5 more people show up), it is rape.
  • Even if the victim does not experience a violent situation, it is rape.
  • If you don't have a clear YES, don't do it.

I'm sad to know we have to outline these things for people. I really am.

Also, none of these things can be argued. You can try if you want, but you can't. The law is clear and it's there for a reason. If your partner is under the age of consent (meaning, even if your partner says "yes," it doesn't matter because they cannot consent at their age) or doesn't explicity say yes to YOU (not your fucking rapist twin brother), it's rape. It's a black and white situation. It's very simple.

the commentary.

unfortunately, a lot of people do not realize that rape is not always about the stranger in the alley. more often than not, rape is committed by people we know. 

and, this commercial illustrates that idea perfectly.


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