Saturday, May 7, 2011

Quick note/a blurb/an intro/"about me" first draft...


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This is my personal blog. This is where I write random things and feelings and thoughts and hear other people's feelings and thoughts. (also where I make jokes and giggle and dougie or what have you…) My overall goal is to be honest and to practice writing/thinking/being honest. Online activism isn't really my main concern, although I do have fun being all intellectual and theoretical with folks! (I also enjoy reblogging pics of Travis McCoy. I love Travis McCoy. This is important to note.)

But this blog is for me and all my monstrous, thriller, cyborg parts. I'm not safe. This space won't be safe. I aim to be loving and fair, but I also want to fess up to the ways in which I am an asshole. Cuz hiding my evil only makes me more dangerous, I think…

ALL IN ALL! I'm a 20-something quirky Black girl from the burbs via Detroit (what up doe?). I love movement. I get confused and distracted. Language is my favorite. Yo hablo español. Yo hablo ebonics. Geminis are the coolest. I believe the children are our future. Real guhls git dahn own da flo (own da flo). Booty pop. and scene.


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