Wednesday, May 4, 2011



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Finally set up a paypal account and now have a fancy donate button on my page!

I instantly feel more accountable to folks and motivated to step my accessibility game up.

::challenge accepted face::

I'll put a more detailed blurb and such in my soon-to-be-written 'About Me' page, but I just want to say DONATE TO SHAWTY GOT SKILLZ! if you want to help awesome folks get to the AMC! Do not donate to my personal account if you want to help fund AMC activities. I'd MUCH MUCH RATHER folks contribute to the collective SHAWTY GOT SKILLZ! first.*** 

Any donation to my PERSONAL account (Liquor&Spice) will go toward rent and food and such once I find a place to live this summer. But more on that later, I guess.

***(I'm a local Detroiter and don't have kids so my costs for attending aren't that urgent. Other folks are booking flights and need help NOW!!! My registration is covered so I only need $100 for my cousin's registration and then maybe gas money. And I have fam willing to chip in if needed.)


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