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[Image Description: A young black women with chin length curly brown hair. She is standing in front of shelves full of books, cds and other random knicknacks, leanin on a desk, with the neck of a guitar at her side. She looks directly into the camera without smiling and wears a white t-shirt with the word "Squad" at the top in blue and "94" in red and white stripes in a blue square. She wears a black short sleeved cardigan and a dark blue bottoms.]

Anita Bay is better known as Cocknbullkid. A fierce women soon to dominate your eardrums with her songs. She's redefining what it means to be a popstar. Writing songs like "Hold On To Your Misery" and being the perfect counterpart "One Eye Closed" . Her songs span a range of emotions. 

Here are some noteworth quotes from a 2009 Guardian article.

On not fitting into standards of beauty: "I was slimmer and had nicer hair, but I was fucking miserable. I don't want to be 'pretty'. I don't aspire to be like the Pussycat Dolls. I want people to say, 'Oh, she's a bit fat, that's all right, then.' I want to be an artist who people can believe in."

On being a black artist: "I'm into the new and futuristic. People put me in the MIA category, but I'm not grime and I'm not some 'ghetto princess'. I want to make pop music. The media put black people in boxes. It really irks me." 

On sexuality: "All I'll say is: I'm not a straight down the line person. I don't think, 'You're a girl or a guy.' It's more about the person and whether you get on with them."

Not only does she have a wardrobe I want to raid, but more than anything though, Cocknbullkid has music I can't stop listening to. She has an album coming out at the end of May called Adulthood, with a beautifully done video for her current single"Asthma Attack".


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