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Shawty Got Skillz @ #amc2011 #sgsz!


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The skillshare will operate like a science fair during a 3 hour block of time Saturday morning. Participants will move from station to station at their own pace and every 40 minute interval will be announced as an opportunity to move to a different station. The last 40 minute time period will include a live skyping session with Mia Mingus and Stacey Milbern of To the Other Side of Dreaming.

The first 15 minutes will involve introducing each skill, presenters, and mini intros of participants. We will also create a room map via large butcher paper so that participants who come in later will know where to go for each skill.

Skills to be shared are:

*Seduction Healing for Energy Rejuvenation - For this skillshare, we will learn and practice the power of seduction by using somatic sexual techniques and sexological bodywork. With our sex-positive methods, we will hone our seduction skills by engaging our senses and using combinations of breathwork, touching and erotic sensing. With these techniques learned and executed, we will experience stress relief, relaxation and transformative sublimation that revitalizes our moxie in our everyday lives!

*Shawty got pickles- Media Making with Food - Being honest, we're not experts but we'd like to explore what it means to teach something you don't do as if you were an expert. The lacto-fermentation demo is a pretense to explore the many ways of knowing without knowing. This no doubt will involve us tapping together into the blood knowledge of those who show up. So, bring your imagination and, like me, a story about my grandmother's pickled watermelon rinds and we'll have lots of fun.

*Web Cam Modeling for fun and $$$! - Have you ever caught a glimpse of yourself while video-chatting and thought, "I look so good, they should be paying by the minute for this"? If the answer is yes, maybe you should consider becoming a webcam model! It can be a lucrative, creative side hustle especially for disabled people, women of color, and queer & trans* people. Come and learn the basics of camming and leave with the tools needed to cam for yourself. 

*Starting A Business - Contrary to popular belief, money is not the most important thing a wannabe entrepreneur needs to have in order to be successful. Your most important resources come from within yourself and from the people around you. Self-motivation, positive thinking, research and relationship-building are the most valuable assets for an aspiring business owner. This presenter will explain the importance of staying positive and motivated, and connecting with others through networking and research, in her own development from a girl with a dream to the owner of a beauty boutique in the busy Little 5 Points shopping district of Atlanta.

*CareFreeWhiteGirl: Challenging Beauty standards with Tumblr - The resurgence of "thinsporation" found Collier Meyerson baffled. Whereas the thinspo movement had been relatively self-contained in the 90s, it was now- through tumblr's functionality- able to bleed into anyone's feed. Born was carefreewhitegirl.com, a guerrilla site that uses the structure of tumblr to access young people who take part in circulating imagery that bolsters hegemonic white womanhood. Learn how you can insert social justice commentary into tumblr.

*Vulnerable, Fearless & Fierce: Getting Naked on Twitter/Tumblr - Twitter is the 21st century version of gossip over fences and whispers across the cafeteria and provides an easy but overwhelming forum of exchange. For some media-makers, the ability to reach out across time and space and create community can be empowering. For others, the hyper-visibility and constant stream of information can feel overexposing, threatening, even violent. How do we harness this power for good? How do we make consensual media and get naked when it seems like there's a troll around every corner? This skill-share will teach you how to use Twitter and not let it use you. It will introduce you to the basics of tweeting, managing online identities (including pseudonyms), Twitter etiquette (what the heck is a retweet?), and the business of 140-character dialogue. We will also discuss how to use Twitter with other forms of media (like Tumblr and Facebook) and what some of the differences are. The point? Consent is everything. We want to give you the tools to decide for yourself how many clothes you want to keep on…and how much you want to show your…

*Representing Ourselves Through DIY Videos Entertainment-based education increasingly shapes our views about breastfeeding, birth, and more. On TV and YouTube, representations focus on white people in a hospital setting, extreme cases, and dependency on medical experts, thus increasing the disconnect—especially for communities of color—from simple, traditional approaches to breastfeeding. In this workshop, I we'll discuss of issues of media representation and breastfeeding/birth topics, and then work together to CREATE videos about our own experiences with breastfeeding and birth-related topics to change the landscape of what is visible and accessible. For accurate representation babies and children will be needed for this workshop, so please bring yours, bring your knowledge mamas and parents!

*To The Other Side of Dreaming- Building a radical disability Justice life and home - Mia Mingus and Stacey Milbern will share with the group the amazing Journey they are on in terms of creating radical queer poc crip community. They will skype in 40 minutes before the session block is over.

*What Up Doe! — Detroit Hustle and Resistance Through Dance - Hello and WELCOME TO THE D! Home of the infamous Detroit Hustle— a line dance that brings solidarity and strength straight to the dance floor! This session will be a free-form workshop to learn the basic hustle as it's done in Detroit and as many other versions we can think of! The Detroit hustle is a great tool anyone can use to show solidarity and reclaim a space— especially spaces that have been dominated by whiteness and hostility. Anyone is welcome to jump in and lead the group in your favorite version of the hustle! What other cultural dances have people found useful in showing resistance and solidarity as a group? Where else have folks used dance as a form of resistance? Could you use the hustle at your next protest or rally? Let's expand the Detroit Hustle to make it accessible to as many people as possible! Let's spread the movement! 


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