Monday, June 13, 2011

fatpeopleofcolor:buttahlove:Myself at SlutWalk San Diego. ...


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Myself at SlutWalk San Diego.

Top- Rainbow
Chiffon Skirt- DIY
High Briefs (aka my bikini bottom)- DIY
Orchid- Swell Boutique
Sandals- Avenue
Glasses- Paola Loves To Shop

[Image Description: A Black woman stands with a smile on her face in day light. She her hair is in a high bun, with a white ornament (looks like a flower but can't tell) on one side. She wears black tinted glasses and silver long earrings. There is a purse on one shoulder and on that same arm two bracelets, one lime-yellow and the other brown with stripes. In that hand she holds a sign to the side (photo isn't showing text). She wears a black shirt with rouched sleaves and two white pins/buttons on the side. She also wears black high briefs and a chiffon long skirt over the briefs that are see-through. On her feet are sandals with black straps but silver detailing. Her other hand is on her hip and she wears to bracelets on her wrist. One is white and the other is black green and red.]


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