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Black Women for Wellness Annual Conference: Power Shift Registration Open



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Power Shift Conference Sept 29-30 2011

Los Angeles County California


Conference Description

POWER SHIFT: Gathering Our Forces, Kicking Up Sand, Lifting Our Fists, Protecting Our Wombs is presented by Black Women for Wellness. An empowering event held over two days in September 2011, the conference will provide a dedicated space to address reproductive justice issues affecting Black and African American women and girls. Why Power Shift?  Power Shift encourages mobilization within our communities and provides women and girls with the tools and resource needed to enact change.

Black Women for Wellness (BWW) convenes conferences to provide a forum and space for dialogue on health issues affecting our communities and as a roundtable for health care professionals, advocates, grassroots and frontline leadership to  share knowledge and insights into current reproductive justice issues;  Power Shift encourages leadership development and communication across generations  and reproductive health sectors providing tools and resource sharing that supports advocacy and policy eliminating health disparity. Participants will learn skills to increase effective community organizing surrounding reproductive justice issues and policies, leave better equipped to educate our communities and act as advocates in administration and legislative arenas. Moreover, PowerShift 2011 speakers, presenters, participants and volunteers will leave with  a deeper understanding of what reproductive justice is and what it means for Black women and girls.    

Conference Program

Pre Conference Workshops

Environmental Health meets Reproductive Justice bridging two movements and building collaboration

This full day meeting will focus on where and how environmental justice intersects with reproductive justice; highlighting contributions by communities of color with a special focus on African American women in leadership roles in the environmental justice movement. We will take a special look on RJ  is important to the environmental justice movement and how this collaborations can move us all  toward a healthy environment. We will also showcase a preliminary report on the effect of environmental pollutants in the South Los Angeles community and best practices on how our two movements can work together. Keynote speakers will also update participants on the environmental toll New Orleans is paying beyond Hurricane Katrina, consequential migration, BP oil spill and environmental threats.

Lt. Uhuru (for you Star Trek fans) – We Recognize

Black Women for Wellness offers a technology and media workshop for intermediate to advance media/communications persons. This is not your 101 class.  This workshop will highlight how to handle tense media interviews, best practices in general and talk about the direct links between media coverage and in term the effects on social and physical climate. We will take a special look on how to use opposition media to further progressive messages when money  is an issues.  In addition, will take on  how to use  social media more effectively and turn online organizing to offline actions. Videos, podcast, internet radio and other tools will be addressed to help build online community; turn click shoppers into click revolutionaries and live advocates for women's health issues.


Keynote Sessions

Inspirational Keynote speakers will set the tone, inform and inspire participants at the 2011 PowerShift conference. The conference will begin by looking at the Institute Of Medicine's (IOM) recommendations that were adopted by Health Human Services (HHS) for implementation of the Affordable Care Act.  How to mobilize our community and how to combat vicious attacks while integrating women's health into civil rights and social justice movements.    Furthermore, our conference keynotes and speakers will take an in depth look at media, images, relationships and strategies to "kick up sand" on behalf of Black and African American women & girls.

Social Media Campaign Launch

Power Shift 2011 will feature a media campaign utilizing Facebook and Twitter and launch a campaign showcasing Strong Black Families...

POWER SHIFT will feature four breakout tracks:
Gathering our Forces – This workshop focuses on mobilization.  Participants will acquire skills and techniques to help build community engagement. Participants will also be able to describe the historical context and its affect  on the current health status of African American and Black women.  Lastly, participants identify how racism, sexism, socioeconomic status contribute to the access and appropriate health service availability.

Lifting our Fist – This workshop will focus  on policy and advocacy.   Participants will develop advocacy skills.  Additionally, participants will identify how legislative policy (or lack thereof),influences access to reproductive health services. Participants will also be able to discuss individual, organizational (especially non profit) and community organizing successes.   Lessons learned and varies reproductive justice campaigns will be highlighted that have profoundly impacted African American and Black women and their communities.

Kicking up Sand -  This workshop focuses on communication. We  will focus on media trainings, how to talk to the press as well as social media. Technology has increased strategies and modes of communication, including traditional media outlets, social media, internet sites yet all are based on personal interactions. 

Protecting our Womb - Special Topics  This workshop focuses its attention on  the intersecting issues influencing health status, access to reproductive health care and how the current political agenda is influencing reproductive justice decisions. Participants will be able learn, organize about an array issues directly affecting reproductive rights, health and justice of women and girls.

Throughout the  Power Shift conference we will highlight people and their leadership roles in our community as they work at the local, state and national levels. This conference provides an analysis of the current state of reproductive justice and the importance of mobilization for the Presidential campaign in 2012.  Skill-sets will be expanded and resources identified as participants actively engage in leadership and movement  building for the empowerment for Black women & girls to secure reproductive justice.

Black Women for Wellness
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"I write for those women who do not speak, for those who do not have a voice because they were so terrified, because we are taught to respect fear more than ourselves. We've been taught that silence would save us, but it won't." -- Audre Lorde

Juli Grigsby
Sisters in Control - Program Coordinator 

PhD Candidate
Anthropology African Diaspora Program
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