Monday, August 8, 2011

J: It’s not that big of a deal… it’s just a date.CeCe: You’re...


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J: It's not that big of a deal… it's just a date.
CeCe: You're full of shit! You know you haven't been on any date since you broke up with D— let alone a "white date". [J rolls her eyes] This is serious, J! You're officially entering the interracial dating big leagues, and you're doing it without a warm-up.
J: A… "warm-up"?
CeCe: You're skipping a few steps. Everyone knows you're supposed to ease into interracial dating! You know… make your way up the color scale. But you've jumped straight past brown & yellow and gone straight to white. [J gets a worried look on her face] But don't worry, I'm here. I'm an interracial expert. I got'chu boo!


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