Friday, November 6, 2009

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B. Vikki Vintage is my new favorite blog. I appreciate it's synergy of culture, historical content, and creativity. Besides all of this, I am simply elated to have found an online source that highlights one of the most aesthetically conservative, and dare I say, conformative eras in African-American culture in such a way that history buffs, fashion freaks, and artsy bloggers (wink) can enjoy nonetheless. B. Vikki Vintage is full of great homages to the early-mid 20th Century via historical photography, authentic commercial advertisements, and fashion editorial.

The creator of B. Vikki Vintage, Rebbeca V. O'Neal is not just a vintage fanatic blogger but she is also an Etsy shop owner. She very recently launched B. Vikki Vintage on Etsy as a means to break ground in a grassroots fashion genre that rarely highlights the major influence that people of color have had on this resurfacing era of fashion. The B. Vikki Vintage blog and Etsy shop coexist as companions in O'Neal's mission to push African-American inspired vintage to the forefront of it's underground industry. Love, love, love it!


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