Thursday, September 30, 2010

"Once we stop fretting over making everyone happy, eating an exact way or fi...


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"Once we stop fretting over making everyone happy, eating an exact way or fitting in exercise all the time life seems to slip into place. first though you must accept the person you are right now. If you like to chill out at home and watch DVD's sometimes then so be it, If your a Vegetarian and don't eat meat then so be it, If your training schedule means you can't get wasted every friday night then so be it. We might disappoint people or offend them by being ourselves but it has to be that way. Meaning that you can still do what you like and live the lifestyle you want to live while letting go of the perfection or balancing act. You will probably find that you will start living a more fulfilled life and actually achieve more of your goals. Things will become effortless and the lowered levels of stress will make you think better and perform better in whatever you do. Plus you will probably become more outgoing and easygoing by nature. Accept who you are right now and the way you do things now and get on with life. We cannot achieve a perfect balance and live on a tightrope for any sustained length of time so its better to spend time on solid ground where everything doesn't matters as much but you still do your best to lead the life you try to lead."<br/><br/> - <em><a href="">Finding Balance in Life : transform.</a></em>


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