Saturday, June 4, 2011

Black Women for Wellness Power Shift - Call for Abstracts

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Power Shift: Black Women for Wellness' Annual Conference. A call for Abstracts!
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Each year Black Women for Wellness holds an annual conference to provide an open forum and space for Black and African American women to dialogue. In these conferences, women learn about reproductive justice and leave empowered to better educate our communities about what reproductive justice means for us and our right to live the life that we choose. This year's objective is MOBILIZATION. Currently, black women's health is repeatedly being attacked at both the national and state levels through short-sighted and mean-spirited budget proposals and negative political rhetoric. In 2011, we witnessed the nationwide launching of a very dangerous and fictional anti-choice campaign that directly attacked African American mothers. As the nation gears up for the 2012 Presidential election, it is imperative that communities of color are educated and equipped with advocacy skills for the fight not only to protect our reproductive rights, but to demand reproductive justice.

Who Should Submit:

All researchers, community advocates, organizers, health care professionals, health educators, administrators, policy makers, elected officials and their staffs are invited to attend and share the work that you are doing to promote the health and well being of black women toward achieving reproductive justice in our community.

Black Women for Wellness is seeking conference presenters to lead a workshop or participate on a panel that addresses African American/Black women's reproductive health. Sessions will be presented within the following four focus areas.

Propose a topic within one of the following focus areas:

1. History/Health Status

Presenters will provide information on the reproductive history of the African American/Black women's experience in the US or other countries of the African Diaspora. Presenters may also present on current research that illuminates the factors affecting the reproductive health status of African American/Black women in the US or other countries of the African Diaspora. Sample topics could include:

Social, Cultural and/or historical perspective on the Black/African American women's reproductive experience

2. Policy/Advocacy

Presenters will provide conference participants with a description of what advocacy is, provide tangible tools and/or strategies for how an individual and/or community advocates for their rights. Presenters are encouraged to provide an interactive workshop to assist participants in building advocacy skills, such as:

Policy/Advocacy 101 Administrative vs. Legislative Advocacy How-To:

Oppositional Research • Political Mapping • Landscaping

3. Media & Communication

Presenters will discuss or present current research on the role of media as it relates to black women's image, reproductive health and/or reproductive justice. Presenters are also encouraged to provide participants with information on how to effectively communicate with the media as an advocacy tool. Discussions can include:

Social media as an organizing and educational tool Social marketing campaigns to organize and mobilize Taking an effective stand against racial imaging in the media Media communications 101-developing OP-ED pieces, press releases, articles, etc.

4. Special Topics

Presenters are encouraged to propose a workshop which relates to African American/Black women's reproductive health, justice, access to resources and advocacy. Possible topics include, but not limited to:

Environmental Health Workforce Diversity Reproductive Health Technology Spirituality and Reproductive Choices

Abstracts will be reviewed and scored based on:

1. Relevance to the goal of conference (see Conference Purpose for full description) 

2. Organization and clarity, minimize jargon. 

3. Description of objectives, content and teaching methodologies to the educational needs of participants 

4. Special consideration will be given to abstracts that provide experiential skills building opportunities for conference participants.

How to Submit a proposal:

All workshop proposals must be sent via email to or submitted online here

Conference Information and the Registration Form can be found here.

Email questions to

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