Saturday, July 17, 2010

email i sent my sister today


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My sister, who knows more of my secrets than anyone else, doesn't know I'm queer yet. I'm not sure why I haven't told her yet since I am safe to do so. She essentially knows I'm queer (homo friends, polyamory, etc) but I haven't given her political language to understand it. Took care of that today. Deep sigh of relief.

Hi Sis,

Your email about people not being real about who they are made me want to tell you that I identify as queer. A lot of my friends are coming to the Reap conference and I'm excited to tell you that I'm queer because it means I won't have to try to dance around it, quieting conversations into secrets and protecting your ears from something you probably already know and are down with.

To be specific, by queer I mean,

I date guys girls transgender folks genderqueer ppl;
I try to practice polyamory in all my relationships (not owning the other person, understanding that no friend/partner can fill all your needs, being honest); and
I am critical of the way that society polices and otherizes non-normative bodies (gender variant bodies, disabled bodies, fat bodies, poor bodies)

Ok. So now you know. We can talk more about it when you come home. I love you.



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