Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday giveaway goodness! Tell us your BEST beauty advice and win Peace Imag...


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This giveaway is sponsored (again) by Peace Images Jewelry! And I'm keeping this one super simple. In the comment box, tell us your BEST beauty advice — it can be about hair, skin, body, inner beauty, whatever — I'll pick my favorite answer to receive the wax Africa ring by Peace Images Jewelry (pictured above.) Best believe, I'm going to be by the computer with a pencil & some paper taking notes on how y'all stay beautiful :)

Alright ladies, good luck!

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Katie said...

First I want to say that ring is way too cool! I was thinking that i would give it to one of my best friends who is from South Africa...but then I quickly changed my mind! (What she does not know won't hurt her right? haha)

Ok so best beauty advice I am going to give is for soft lips that look like you have spent the day kissing! I do this all the time, so it works for me!

step 1: Before you go to bed take a face towel and get it wet with warm water (not really hot but not luke warm) and wipe your lips with it.

step 2: Take you dry toothbrush and brush it over your lips in circular mostions until you remove the dry skin.

step 3: Use a really hydrating lip balm like the medicated blistex that comes in the white tube and slather a bunch of that on your lips before you go to bed. Another item I love to use is the vitem E tablets that you can buy at any drug or health food store. Take a pin and poke a little hole in it and apply gernerously on your lips!

Step 4: In the morning take a warm wash cloth and get rid of any left over balm or oil on your lips. And repeat the toothbrush motion again. But this time not as just want to increase the circulation in your lips to give them that plump look.

Step 5: Apply a light clear balm that is full of natural oils!

And vola! Soft/Sexy lips :)