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think on this.: what is involuntary manslaughter?


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think on this.: what is involuntary manslaughter?:





CA penal code sec 192(b) defines it as:

"Malice" has a specific definition in criminal law, meaning "deliberate intention unlawfully to take away the life of a fellow creature." Voluntary manslaughter is death without malice "upon a sudden quarrel or heat of passion."

so - this verdict found…

 i wanted to throw my computer across the room reading this.

what is this sanctimonious bullshit?

first, why assume poc are ignorant asses that need you to explain the law to us?

second, why are you essentially giving this killer the benefit of the doubt? are you really telling me that he didn't know that shooting Grant at super close range might kill him???

i haven't seen any evidence presented showing that mesherle intended to kill grant. that it was his desire that his actions cause grant's death. and that's required to convict on 2nd degree murder.

perhaps you are choosing to not see that evidence. he had a gun. he shot a man. duh, he intended to kill him! it was clearly his desire that his actions cause death. what else do you think he thought shooting would do???

at the least, yes, VOLUNTARY manslaughter would have been more appropriate than involuntary. but why you are making this flimsy case for why 2nd degree manslaughter wouldn't have been appropriate, i cannot imagine. nor can i imagine why you would think this is the appropriate time to tell poc how the cop didn't "mean to" kill Grant. talk about a serious timing issue… remarkably insensitive, at best.

and then, icing on cake - how would him serving life help the relationship in Oakland between law enforcement and the people? you're right, it probably wouldn't help a lot, i mean, there's a lot more work that would still be needed. but it would have been a good start. it would have been one way to hold law enforcement accountable. certainly, letting him off as they did isn't helping the relationship at all either, so what is your point? and really, if it had been the other way around, do we think Grant would have been given 4 years? or would he have most certainly served life, even though that wouldn't help relations at all either.

also, telling poc that we should look for other ways to get justice… just… LOL. thank you, we needed your advice. we don't realize that there are problems with our justice system. we don't realize that we need to be creative in our ways of dealing with OUR LIVED REALITY.

and frankly, i don't care if you don't like me for saying it. what you wrote, it was wrong on so many levels. and again, let me repeat: INSENSITIVE HATEFUL TIMING and just all around shitty. please, your privilege is showing, take it elsewhere.

see, here's what i really think: until you are the mother of a young man of color who you live in abject fear for everytime he steps outside the house, maybe you should shut the hell up telling mothers (and others) of color how to feel about a white cop getting a flimsy sentence and opportunity to go out and kill some more of our children.

anybody who can sit there and calmly explain why we should not get mad due to another black man getting murdered by the police and said police getting a slap on the wrist AT MOST, has a lot of things they need to fucking understand and the least of it is the details between manslaughter and involuntary manslaughter. how about some FUCKING COMPASSION, for starters.

—all i can say is that my lil brother did two years for dealing mary jane.  this police officer is going to do two years for shooting an innocent man in a crowded public place.  there is something very fucked about this system. 


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