Friday, November 27, 2009

2 things I've decided to work on


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1) winking.
it's not like i'm trying to become some lash batting vixen. it's the childhood Aunt so-and-so wink of approval you get when you've done something mischievous but good-natured and cute that I'm after. a familiar and comforting wink. dad taught me how to whistle, grandma taught me how to burp, but no one passed on winking. i always feel like i was jipped and I'm constantly jealous of people who can effortlessly do it. Take this summer for instance, after I bought a pair of too expensive shoes, my friend and I were walking toward, the store exit and the sales lady who had been helping us winked. I have no idea what prompted her to wink, I mean, it's likely that she overheard me saying something cute (as I tend to do heh), but it caught me so off guard. i LOVED it and I told her so and of course she's all :::bashful bashful::: :::giggle giggle::: oh it's something I've always done, my family always winks. And that's when I knew. My parents had done me a GREAT disservice as a child. I mean, why even bother to rear a kid if you're not going to teach them such charming habits??? Did you guys not want me to be cool? Not want me to attract other cool winking friends?! Well, let me tell you. this cycle of neglect ends here! I'm sporadically working on my wink so that my unborn children can have a brighter future.

2) staring.
men do this with absolutely no inhibition. no shame. and I understand, they are generally socialized to be more aggressive in this way. open spectating. pleasure seeking, but, again, I'm jealous. To be so comfortable visually devouring whatever you like is kind of amazing to me. Little to no hesitation. I want in! So, I'll probably start tomorrow on my way to work. I think that's as good a time as any to get started.

oh and btw, Happy Thanksgiving!!


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