Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Nurturing Art, Loving Ourselves – The Nalo Movement


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Nalo -A West African name meaning "beloved daughter".

The Nalo Movement

The inspiration for the collective began when co-directors B. Sokari Brown & Katina Grays traveled to Ghana together in 2007. It was during this excursion, that the mission to use art as a catalyst for healing was born. Founded in 2009, The NALO Movement is an Atlanta-based collective of womanist performing artists dedicated to telling the told and untold stories of black women through theater, song, poetry, and dance. These stories provide a lens and a context for contemporary black women's experience. The NALO Movement uses original performance art to explore the dynamic life experience of black women in its many facets, while providing transformation, healing, and education through artistic mediums.


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