Monday, November 16, 2009

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Are you a womyn of color? Now… are you a womyn of color blogger? Now… are you a womyn of color blogger who participated in national poetry writing month this april? i want to hear from you! i think you'll be excited about the project i'm working on.

Here's the idea: i am compiling an anthology poetry by WOC bloggers from national poetry month that i am aiming to edit and produce DIY-style in time for next napowrimo in April 2010.

Payment for participating in the project is as follows:

* One hand-made copy of the zine personally delivered via your local mail carrier

* Electronic copy of the contents so that you can reproduce subsequent copies of the zine and distribute at will

* Opportunity to take part in a community of woc blogger-poets and possibility of arranging events, workshops and other such engagements collaboratively

Please contact me at phyrecracker [@] gmail [.] com with any question, suggestions or submissions of up to 5 poems December 11 and i, in turn, will commit to replying within one months time :)

via Call for submissions! « Her Sight [Sīt].


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