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Your photos, your thoughts: NC theme park doesn’t allow locks


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Several months ago we had extensive discussions on BGLH about natural hair in the workplace. Most people (including myself) agreed that it is no longer an issue. But this story, submitted by BGLH reader Christie, causes you to think twice.


I would like to start by saying that I love your blog, and I check in on it almost every day, if not every day. I have been keeping tabs on your discussion on natural hair in the workplace and I find it very interesting and inspiring myself. The other day a story on the radio caught my attention that involved "natural hair and the workspace" so to speak, that I thought you might find very interesting.

A girl applied at Carowinds, a theme park on the border of North and South Carolina (it's basically in Charlotte) and was immediately turned down for the job because of her hair. She wears locks. Apparently on the actual application there is a statement that disallows any "extreme" hairstyles and it actually lists locks as an example of an extreme hairstyle.

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The girl wasn't even allowed to interview, was sent away, and went home crying (she was a teen). The mom was furious and was trying to contact a lawyer, a media outlet, anybody that could help her which is how I am assuming the story got to the radio.

I don't know what upset me more: the story or the reaction people had to the story. The radio station opened up the lines to callers asking should the girl have been allowed to interview, was the policy correct, or was the mom overreacting? Most of the callers stated that since the company had their policy in writing, then the girl was at fault. Others stated that she should have cut her hair, or that the interviewer should have let her interview at least and then if the interview was good, they should have told her she should cut her hair, or change it to meet the company's appearance standards. Even the hosts agreed with this. I think only one person called in who supported the girl. These are other African Americans I'm talking about. I was so upset. I know the people in the car next to me thought I was crazy because I was arguing heatedly with my radio lol!

Now, I tried to find the story in print on the internet somewhere and I couldn't. I did however look at Carowind's online application and of course stumbled across their "grooming guidelines" which you have to agree to before you can even fill out the real info on the application.

Picture 1

It really disgusts and offends me and I won't be visiting this theme park until they change this particular policy.


So what are your thoughts?

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