Monday, November 9, 2009

Short Skirt Sparks Mass Hysteria At Brazilian University [Short Skirt Riot]


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via Jezebel by Anna N. on 11/9/09

A 20-year-old student was expelled from Brazil's Bandeirante University (Uniban) Sunday after hundreds of her classmates rioted over the length of her skirt.

According to Edison Bernardo DeSouza of Brazzil Magazine, on October 22, tourism student Geisy Arruda showed up to class at Uniban, near Sao Paolo, wearing a pink minidress and "heavy makeup," which apparently prompted her fellow students to go completely insane. Two hundred of them gathered outside her classroom to gawk at her, and when she left to go to the bathroom, men followed, physically fighting with her and trying to take cell phone pictures between her legs. A professor then tried to hide her in another classroom, but 700 students massed outside, shouting, "Let her out Professor, we want to rape her." As she finally left, escorted by police, some students took videos, including the one above, where you can hear chants of "puta" or "whore."

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