Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Another Way to Help Haiti

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Dear Families:

Many have called A New Arrival to ask what can be done to offer assistance to the Children’s Center during this devastating crisis in Haiti. Having gone through a similar situation during the last presidential coup we are aware that supplies of food and water will be running out soon or are all ready not accessible due to the collapse of the stores in Petion-ville.

A New Arrival is gathering information to contract with AmeriJet to fly supplies from Miami to Port Au Prince Haiti. These supplies will go directly to the orphanage.

To be brutally honest we will need a large amount of cash donations to buy supplies and have them shipped to Haiti within the next few days. At this time there is no way for us to wire the funds to Haiti for the orphanage due to the collapse of the infrastructure in Haiti and the fact that there is nowhere for the staff to buy the needed supplies at this time. A New Arrival is equipped to accept credit cards (Visa, American Express or Master Card) please contact via phone or email. The donations can also be wired directly into the Haiti banking account at:

Haiti Trust Account # 111392

Routing #092904185

Ruby Valley Bank


107 South Main St.

Twin Bridges, Montana 59754

100% transparency will be available for all donors and no funds will held back for administrative purposes. A complete accounting will be kept providing information for all donations received for this crisis. As always your contributions are tax deductable as we are a 501 C 3 Non Profit agency.

A New Arrival also plans to assist sister orphanages to include, but not limited to, BRESMA which is where many of our first children were adopted from seven years ago. A New Arrival will also assist children in temporary need of food and shelter. Any funds left over will used at the discretion of the orphanage staff for needs at the orphanage.

Our first goal is to make sure the children’s basic needs are being met. How this will affect our current family’s adoptions will be a secondary goal at this time of the emergency.

This earthquake has been a catastrophe of major proportions for Haiti but we thank God that our children are in such a safe and strong building. Please help us to get much needed supplies from Miami to Haiti. No donation is too small. We thank everyone who can help in this time of need.


Lori Jones, CEO


Rock Cayo, Orphanage Director

Patty Hayes

Julie Hardyman

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