Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Brave and Soft: You and Me

“This is a letter to myself to encourage me to be brave, to love the softest most paradoxical parts of me, and still move out beyond the yous you will never be, and the mes I can never be to the you and me we are.” -Audre Lorde (unpublished journal)

Quirkiness is a brave thing. Waking up everyday and deciding not to be everyone else takes strong blood, and sometimes very thick skin for survival. And quirkiness is a soft thing, giving over to that which you were never told you could love, whether it's punk rock, your unlikely but clearly destined lover, or that rainbow brite coin-purse you were supposed to get over when you were seven.

This is what loving you is like bravery in my bones and a pillow to land on...awe at the depth of your listening, pride at how deep you have my back, shock at how your love sneaks up and catches me when I'm just about to fall into resignation.

This is what loving us is like...ferocious compassion, just because-ness, risk-it-all gratitude: that willingness to shed what we were afraid of for what said we were here to create.

This is what loving me is like, everyday faith that we are divinely connected, that we are getting there. Brave and soft, you and me, making a much deserved and long-awaited place to live out of every no and every yes. You and me, brave and soft and ready and loved.

When was the last time somebody asked you to write a letter to yourself? Was it your 8th grade teacher? A therapist? A well meaning volunteer who forgot to mail it back to you 5 years later? Well it's that time again. In the service of the Lorde start a letter to yourself to help you be brave..and if you are feeling extra brave share the beginning of that love letter from the soft edge of your growing heart with us here: http://quirkyblackgirls.ning.com/forum/topics/you-and-me-brave-and-soft

And speaking of the delicious vulnerability of quirkiness check out this video (pointed out by QBG Monique) from the Lost Bois based on Reading Rainbow! And you know I have to post it because Audre Lorde gets a shout out. QBG's for sure. DC represent. Look for your favorite book in the video here:

Speaking of music for self-expression and transformation we want to give much affirmation and support for the QBG's who came together for this performance to benefit our folks in Haiti. Props to QBG Liz for organizing this space and gratitude to QBG hip hop superstar Corrine Stevie for an uplifting performance: http://quirkyblackgirls.ning.com/events/state-of-emergency-haiti

But especially in light of some crazy ignorance that QBG Lex and QBG Moya experienced in our adventures in the world of feminist publishing, and some QBG's Laila's negligent apartment complex refusing to be accountable for mold growing in multiple apartments we have to remember that some of us are brave and as Audre Lorde teaches anger is an APPROPRIATE response to oppression. Y'all please hit Laila up on her member page if you have advice for how she can get landlord company to act like they have some sense.

And speaking of how useful anger is...I'm also happy to present the Angry Black Woman podcast featuring music to rock out to, some praise of June Jordan's angry letters to racist editors and reflections from QBGs Nia, Mai'a, Moya and Daria.
AND for the first 20 people to send a donation to support the Eternal Summer of the Black Feminist Mind Educational Programming you can get your own copy of the first edition of the Little Black (Feminist) Book Series (vol. 1 RAGE)

Check it out here: http://brokenbeautiful.wordpress.com/2010/01/26/anger-is-useful-new-podcast-and-introducing-the-little-black-feminist-book-series/

Have a deliciously brave and sensuous week!

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