Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Support Julia's Brilliant and Beautiful Documentary Work and Gather for the closing of Lillian Blades' Exhibition



Ms. Y'na Snipes

Communications Manager


Hammonds House Museum

503 Peeples Street, SW

Atlanta , GA 30313

(404) 612-0481 (direct)

(404) 612-0500 (main)

(404) 752-8733 (fax)

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I am writing these words as a route map
an artifact for survival...

History is not kind to us
we restitch it with living
past memory   forward
into desire
into the panic    articulation
of want   without having
or even the promise of getting.

And I dream of our coming together
encircled   driven
not only by love
but by lust for a working tomorrow
the flights of this journey
mapless   uncertain
and necessary as water.

-Audre Lorde

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