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"In the Women’s Movement, we made some poor decisions. In trying to reassure...


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"In the Women's Movement, we made some poor decisions. In trying to reassure everyone that we could achieve equality without affecting the status quo, we've made feminism and the demands of women's equality smaller than they needed to be. For women's liberation, we really needed to have a transformation of society as a whole, not just a piece carved out for the female half of the population. Passing a few laws doesn't do away with discriminatory thinking or treatment or the continuing discriminatory aspects of society. And yet it does give women or people of color of whichever segment of society it is the sense that they no longer have the right to demand, because there's equality on the books. So I think that in trying to assure people that it wasn't a zero-sum game and that rights for us wouldn't take rights away from anyone else, we tried to squeeze our rights down to be as small as we could, to "please don't criminalize us for the choices about our own bodies," and what we really needed was a whole new way of how we structure society. But I think that we got sucked into the idea that if we passed a few laws and then defended those laws from being repealed, it would be enough. But it's not enough."


The Feministing Five: Laura Flanders - Feministing

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