Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday AWESOMENESS! Locked Barbie dolls


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via by Black Girl With Long Hair on 1/22/10

So a BGLH fan notified me of this…


Apparently there is a company (I actually think it's a yarn/thread company) that remixes dolls in really cool ways. One of the things they do is lock their dolls.

A closer look…

I actually think this doll is one of the characters from Pirates of the Caribbean…

Damn, these dolls are gorgeous and they're making ME want to lock!

For more photos, click HERE.

Dolls often represent a perfect standard of beauty, whether it's a blonde Barbie or a bug-eyed, long-haired Bratz doll. And in a world that is so partial to one beauty standard, it is really nice to see another one idealized.

What say you?

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