Tuesday, August 17, 2010

#BlackGirlsarefromtheFuture @ SXSW Interactive!


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via New Model Minority by Renina on 8/16/10

^^^This is that NY Taco Fun…I needs that Austin Taco Fun in my life.

#blackGirlsAreFromtheFuture #ForReal.

My presentation proposal, "Race, Sex and Blogging: The Limits, The Possibilities" has been accepted into SXSW Interactive.

Please help take #blackGirlsfromthefuture to Austin, so we can GET LIVE!

The more votes I get, the more likely I will be chosen. This isn't just about me ya'll, this is about the blog, our conversations about race, sexuality, hip hop, feminism, Errythang. Needless to say I am juiced.

#allWeDO is win.

Please RT, Facebook and spread the Love.

Every vote counts.  Much appreciated.


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