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the myth of overpopulation: we are not the ones destroying the earth


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what i want to write about:

the connections between reproductive health/justice and the destruction of the environment/landbase.  how our reproductive health is negatively and positively connected to the land that we live on.  and how our act of reproduction, of creating the next generation, is an act of intervention on the destruction of the land.  how i dont buy into the 'breeder destroying the earth'/overpopulation is the problem scare tactics.  how blaming overpopulation for the destruction of the earth, is blaming the victim for the abuser's violence.  it is not us, lil mamas, who are destroying the earth with our selfish procreation.  it is colonization and empire.  it is huge multinational corporations who are raping the land and dumping their poisons in our backyards.  it is not our survival that is killing off 35-150  species every day.  it is the powers that be, who have the money, the access, the technology, the greed who are destroying us and all of the other species of life.

our children are born with man made chemicals inside their fragile bodies.

i want to write about the difference between security and freedom.

i want to say that we have no moral right to be secure.  in that security is based on social privilege, on structural violence.  it is about choosing to protect oneself by relying on the systems that destroy others.  thinking that one has a right to use nationality, socio economic class, race, gender, sexuality, and all of the other hierachical systems of violence — in order to be protected and secure.

freedom is what we have the right to fight for.  it is based on the queer notion that none of us are free, until all of us are free.

what i want to write about is how we dont have the right to create these little secure worlds.  so that we feel protected from all the evil and violence in out there in the universe.  we dont have the right to hide behind the masters violence, just glad that we arent the target (this time).

freedom.  true freedom is inherently insecure.  in order to be free, we have to stop trying to control the universe, other people, and even ourselves.  and take all that energy that we spent trying to control the uncontrollable, and dedicate that energy, time, resources into understanding the world and communities in which we live.

i want to write about how overpopulation isnt the problem.  even if everyone stopped having children right now, the corporations and governments would go on be greedy, would go on taking without ever giving back, would go on enslaving the young and the old, would go on raping and pillaging.  they would go on like locusts until there was nothing left on this planet but dust.

but if we were able to create our own communities based on liberation, share resources community to community without the interference of govts, corporations, and the powers that be that pull the strings to make the marionettes dance, if we were able to build homes and families out of the knowledge that we must all be free, then we would find solutions that were grounded in liberation and not coercion.  because it is, brown and black folk, who are castigated for procreating, it is us are most in danger of not having a future at all.  our bodies that are poisoned, our children who dont reach the age of one or twenty-one.  we have the most to lose.  and the most to gain.  from a planet that sustains us, because we cannot rely on the powers that be to sustain us.  no, it is our brown and black bodies that feed and sustain the powers that be.

if we were able to stop believing the lies that the powers that be, stop believing that we can hide behind their violence to save our skins, stop believing that their violation of our bodies and land is inevitable.  a natural disaster.  if we stopped believing in them, we might just find the courage to believe in ourselves.


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