Thursday, August 5, 2010

We Have Failed you...An Open letter to the Spirit of Roy Jones..


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News Item:
According to WPIX-TV, Pedro Jones, 20, of South Hampton has been charged with first-degree manslaughter for hitting Roy A. Jones so hard with his fists that the infant went into cardiac arrest and died at a local hospital. Police say Jones said he was "trying to make him act like a boy instead of a little girl."

Dear Roy,

I am so sorry.

We collectively have failed you.

Roy, we created the environment that allowed what he did to you to happen. We sat and still sit, in our homes and walk our streets each day, feeding the spirit of homophobia and sexist gender roles that provided the psychological space for what Pedro did to you to occur.

 Everyday in some way still, we say  how "men do this" and "girls do this". We still punish boys who embrace fluidity in their movements. We still penalize young women who carry assertive self love within their stride; and we label as "freaks" those who express life beyond the socially constructed biological sex and gendered continuum.

 We have forgotten that spirit knows no gender. We have forgotten that spirit is ultimately all that we are. And because we have forgotten, and because to many of those who remember have not spoken out, you have lost your life within this world.

We have failed you.

And we have failed each other. Each time we typecast a being's expression based on gender, or race, or class, or ability or anything else. We have failed each other.

I wish i could say now that you are gone, that something will dramatically change. I wish i could say that the thought of your brown & red body and the pictures left of your smile, would incite us to cast off the chains of gender and hate.I wish I could say that all of us here are wise enough to know, that what Pedro did to you, was only an external manifestation of what someone did to him, and to what he has done to himself.  I wish we could find the compassion to call him to transform and not just rot away; a fate that ultimately changes nothing and does little to help him see what he has done…

But we are here on earth Roy. And here, fear is the food that far too often lines our bellies. We have not grown beyond attacking, silencing, or destroying that which we do not understand or cannot control. We have been so clouded by the corroded spiritual cosmetics of capitalism that we cannot see or sense each other clearly. We did not know that we each live in each other's faces. We do not know that we are each other's hearts.

Perhaps one day we will Roy. Perhaps when and if you return to us, in whatever form, we will be ready to embrace you with open arms in whatever expression you embody. Perhaps when you return we will be able to love the mirrors that life holds up to us; so that we don't take the life of those who reflect the parts of ourselves we fear. I so hope so. Until then, I can promise you Roy, I will not forget you, nor will I cease to continue attempting to co-create a world where you would be safe to return.

I promise.

For now,

Rest in love little one. May the terrors of your passing fall like embers in the nite from your memory and rest upon the people of earth's consciousness; where they ultimately belong. May you nustle the breast of the Goddess and find both peace and warmth in his embrace. May your mothers and family mourn your memory in peace. May the last breath you took on earth, forever haunt the hollow bones of those who hate.  May you know your life, however, brief, will not be a star unacknowledged in the night. In this life, as in all others, I am you.

I love you.

As your mirror,



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