Monday, December 27, 2010

Help a poor queer brown kid go to school!?


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via New Model Minority on 12/26/10

Hey, I know this might be strange or seem bogus, but i'm trying to fundraise to keep my boifriend in college and I was wondering if there was anyone out there who was willing to help me out? Ryan is amazing, dedicated to art, and helping children and victims of exploitation get back on their feet. Currently we attend Global College of Long Island University and the tuition is ridiculous. Ryan is now about $4,500 short in order to start for next semester here in India. I dont expect everyone I ask to send a billion dollars but if you could spare one you'd be investing in an awesome person with drive and dedication to helping those in need. If you want more information on Ryan and how you can help you can go to either of the sites below. 

Seriously any help would make a difference

Thank you so much for the time and effort

Peace and Love!



Things you can do from here:


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Kristia said...

I'm admittedly not able to contribute right now but I sent your story out to my network and I hope it brings you something.

And, of course, stay strong. We're just walking the road that has been paved before us, and we continue doing the work.

Be well -

Kristia & The Doorknockers Crew