Monday, December 20, 2010

To Be Reborn: On Dark Days

"Moon minded the sun goes farther from us
Split into swirled days, smoked,
And no longer young."
-Audre Lorde "Gemini"

Loved ones!
It is solstice time again: darkest days and shortest sunlight in the hemisphere I live in. I feel very mammal, the way I want to eat and hibernate and grow very quietly these days. Sometimes our light bright everything is better if it's white leads us to pathologize days like these. Solstice sleep cravings, a desire to be quiet and alone for a while are not signs of depression and if you have the chance NOT to push past those feelings into a frenzy of shopping or office parties or whatever else...cherish it. Animals hide and sleep, plants go underground at times like this. Or you could say it's "natural" to value darkness for what it is, the root and context of everything good and possible, a womb replay, an opportunity to rest, to renew, to be reborn.

I love you. And wish I you cosmic vitamins of insight, revelation and self-intimacy this solstice...and a depth of darkness powerful enough to transform slow return of light into a powerful relationship to your life and your community.

And don't forget to let me know if you will be participating in MotherOurselves Bootcamp in Durham, NC Jan 7-9:
(email me at for more info)

or Thicker Than Whatever: Unstoppable Mother/Daughter Relationships on January 15th in Atlanta, GA :

And for those of you who are traveling into the familial twilight zone, insightful and powerful often because of or despite the zone of dequirkification "home for the holidays" can mean, may your meditation on family be served by these clips from the MobileHomecoming participants where they talk about their relationships to their parents and their parenting philosophies:

And if you want to bring some light to the cave of solstice rebirth, check out the growing catalog of QBG photos:!/media/set/?o.24704646014

With infinite love for those who refuse to conform. Also known as the brave beacons of the unverse's will to tranform.


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