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so I tried to just shut my damn trap


I gottta ask I really do.

How is getting the global state to take rape seriously going to help those who the state rapes or  those whose rapes are considered serious but acceptable ? What the hell does serious mean.

I have come to hate the word and the theory around the phrase slut shaming because of how OBVIOUSLY underpinned it is with racism and classism. It's become a term completely devoted to attempting to justifying the individualistic pursuit of pleasure for some women as meritous of being outside " rape culture" . The meaning of teh word slut doesn't just come from sexual behavior it is connected to teh sexual behavior you are expected to perform . and if your behavior is unperformable because youa re unrapeable what then?

Not to mention anyone whose thinking automatically believes that people's objections to actions and discourse must be silenced as if saying NO this not representative for me is akin to saying  YEAH RAPE IS FINE and should be silent is complicit in a society that justifies rape . Because they are saying rather than deal with teh honest truth of how a society makes rape part of it's working system. That SOME voices should be heard that concerns must be answered in order of their relevance to the ruling class .

Why is it that it now has become perfunctory for people to have to justify having an opinion by reminding everyone that no of course they don't condone bullying and rape culture when questioning political actions when the actions being questioned are of a white ablebodied woman against a white man ?

Will they also take very seriously the child rape and disappearing of victims that are part and parcel with the holding up of this state they demand take rape seriously? Because they do they take rape so seriously that they will supply victims if it supports their interests

Yet people think it OUT OF SORTS AND MEAN AND MOVEMENT DIVIDING to ask that people justify partnering with transphobic/racist/ ablist orgs ?

Why is Michael Moore ( and by extension progressive men ) the focus of this particular activism? Why not other celebrities who have also said plenty of nasty terrible rape denying things and continue to. Besides " relevancy" ( a code word for power in a hegemonically recognized sense) and currency why is it that it is necessary to get Michael Moore? And don't say rape culture , don't say rape culture if you mean teh social and selective interactions of a privileged few along political affiliations.

Why is that we will dedicate large amounts of time effort and struggle to educating men who " don't take things seriously" but are quick , flip and often brutally mean when it comes to speaking to women who are under the same rape culture? Why is one more important than the other?

Who defines serious ? And what the ramifications of serious need to be?

Why are progressive men the focus ? Why is the supposed nature of their politics so necessary , the label does not remove them form society adn culture. Not to mention what progress are we speaking of?

But a woman I just recently came to know and adore was assaulted . HEr neighborhood is having outbreaks of rapes, in NYC so media should be heavy . It is not , it is not being reported, the same peopelw ho are screaming and yelling about how pointing out why this discussion of rape and rape culture is so vital that noticing none of the spear heads seem very interested in talking TO women as they are ABOUT men

 Let's talk about it  seems to be a decision that a national discussion needs to be had amongst those who have suffered why is american feminist focus on those who would deny it?

Can it be SERIOUSLY discussed why this doesn't happen and how that in and of itself is a very strong indicator of how actual value is palced on the sexual autonomy of some peopel without a retreat to how DARE YOU MAKE " women" feel bad as a shaming tactic?

So that women who find it very easy to track Moore's finances, teh statistics on progressive liberal reporting and the like

struggle to stay on topic, be honest, or even acknowledge the systematic quality of their inability to be informed on their own actions when it comes to silencing , erasing, appropriating and yes complicity aiding in the sexual violence and testimony to such as others

and can still be " anti sexual assault"

Jesus. Some of this is too close to comment on, but yes. Yes to alla this.

Sometimes, I really want to talk about how white women actively participate in MY rape culture. The one based in slavery and colonization. I wanna talk about white girls who demand, "Teach me that dance!" Or think it's cool to grope me cuz, "Omg! Look at your ass!" And then act like we're doing something liberating together when really you're just reinforcing tools the state uses to violate me.

I really wanna talk about that stuff with white women, but it just never happens…


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